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Paduka Puja in New Delhi, India, December 2006

This is a function that I had been attending almost every year for the last ten years but was not planning on going this year, since I will be going to India with the high school students at the end of March. It is a wonderfully special time to sing aarati, share in fire ceremonies, participate in paduka pujas, sit with Shri Muniraji, and catch up with many devotees from around India and the world. I am very happy that I did attend at the last minute, particularly with Shri Muniraji heading toward his eighties, I want to spend as much time as possible with him.

Every thing was beautifully organized. Each of the daily fire ceremonies was very well attended and energized with the presence of Shri Muniraji and the mantras of Shastriji.

The function was held at the home of Doctors Vandana and Arvind Lal and their daughter, Archana was also in attendance. The paduka puja has been held in Delhi at their residence several times before but this year there was a certain vacancy at all the events since Arvind's mother, Vimla had passed away the month before. We all miss her dearly. She was a great love and example.

The Ramayana Singers chanted during all of the fire ceremonies, just as they do at the Fall and Spring Navaratris in Haidakhan and Chilianaula. After the fire, those that had made the offerings waved the aarati lamp to the fire.

One of the days of the paduka puja, we all headed to a large auditorium where the Lal's had organized a world concert. After some of the Haidakhandis had led us in rousing kirtan, a noted diplomat and Vedic scholar spoke.

Mr. Karan Singh has served in the cabinet of the last three prime ministers, and his eloquence was apparent. After his speech he presented flowers to the performers and other special guests. The concert then continued with bhajan singers from Bombay and other musicians. It was a great success.

It was a wonderful time to be together in Baba's joy and love!